WSOP Zombie Fishing - Gone Fishing Trophy Catch, Ace Fishing Wild Catch, iFishing Lite, Zombie Tsunami, Zombie Frontier
Zombie Fishing
Gone Fishing Trophy Catch, Ace Fishing Wild Catch, i Fishing Lite, Zombie Tsunami, Zombie Frontier

What do a zombie after a tsunami of scaring? Go fishing, course!

Zombie Fishing is one relaxing yet exciting game. This all-in-one game is all about patience and wit, just like the real deal when you're go fishing and get your trophy catch.

So how do you play Zombie Fishing? Drop your bait to the deepest end of lake where your trophy catch is. Once you're rod is in the deepest part of the lake, pull it up and see all your trophy catch in one bait!

These wild catch will give you the highest score when they're up in the air and you swipe them all out with your finger!

This fishing frontier of zombie game is a tsunami of fun!

Zombie Fishing Game Feature:

- Top ace game environment to feel the real deal of fishing.
- A tsunami of fish to have your zombie get the his trophy catch.
- Lite for you device and easy game interface.
- The finger swipe control gives wild fishing experience!
- A Frontier in all zombie games because its free!
- See who can get the wild catch in your group by sharing this to your friends thru this game's online sharing interface.
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