WSOP Oktober Fest - Crazy Bartender, Master Bartender Wine Mixer, Mixology Drink Recipes, Bartender, Bartender Max
Oktober Fest
This is the best Oktoberfest EVER! Why? because the crazy bartender is in the house!

This game is the ultimate party game out there! With cool people trying to get the taste of the master bartender wine mixer creations, its a total blast!

Your job is to make sure that every people in the party get the taste of the crazy bartender's piece of work. You have to move fast to move the curser up and down and serve them right!

These cool people are hooked on the mixology drink recipes of our crazy bartender so they want fast service!

The crazy bartender is up and ready to become the bartender max of the year! So you need to be up in your game, too or else the party's over, one wrong move and the crazy bartender walks away!

Oktober Fest - Crazy Bartender Game Features:

- Crazy party mode to feel what the game is all about!
- Crazy bartender graphics will drive you wild when playing!
- Great bar beat to get you into the mixology mode.
- Swift and smooth game interface for easy record-breaking score.
- Free for a life time!
- Create a friendly bartender competition with your mates by sharing this game through its online sharing interface!

Never miss this party animal game app and be as crazy as our crazy bartender!

Tags: crazy bartender, master, wine mixer, mixology drink recipes
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